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CAREER COUNSLINGWe provide best career guidance in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India through an online career assessment test. Our career assessment test in Indore has been designed by and industry experts certified career counselling mentors. It includes a detailed career assessment report spanning 36 pages and face to face career counselling in Indore. Our career counselling in India is rated among the top and our career counsellors in Indore are highly skilled professional and experienced individuals. 

Who needs career counselling in  Indore and when? 

Though it is widely believed only student or job seekers who are confused about career or job requires a counsellor, but this, not the fact, as everyone should do their career counselling.  As career counselling in Indore  is not about getting information about a particular career or job it also includes knowing your abilities, learning about alternative and new career options, etc. It basically means making a road map for your future goals. So it's advisable for every student in  Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Are you looking for career counsellors in Indore, Madhya Pradesh?

Our Career Guidance Counsellors can guide you to make the perfect career plan. Connect instantly to best career counsellors in Indore  who will assist you to make the right career decision. After completion of the online career assessment test, the student is assigned a mentor near his/her preferred location. Our career counselling is rated among the top and our best career counsellor in  Indore are highly skilled professionals and experienced individuals. Our career guidance in  Indore  helps in making the complicated career and job making decisions easy. 

Are you a student or a working professional looking to make an impact like creating clean energy, securing the cyber space, solving problems in the manufacturing industry using automation or creating breakthrough automobiles? If you are looking to constantly change the world with inventions and solutions that affect everyone's lives, then choose one of the best courses to support your dreams.

List of best courses after +2/ junior college in engineering stream.
  1. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
  2. B.E. Manufacturing Processes and Automation Engineering
  3. B.E. Computer Science Engineering
  4. B.E. Applied Marine Information Technology and Communication
  5. B.E. Bio-Medical Engineering
  6. B.E. Civil Engineering
  7. B.Tech. Information-technology
  8. B.Tech. Bioinformatics
  9. B.Tech. Dairy Technology
  10. B.Tech. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  11. B.Tech. Information Technology
  12. B.Tech. Electronics & Telecommunications
List of best courses after Under-Graduation in engineering stream.
  1. Manufacturing systems management
  2. Embedded systems
  3. Robotic automation
  4. Medical technology
  5. Construction management
  6. Energy engineering
  7. Master of design
  8. Control engineering
  9. Structural engineering
  10. Medical electronics
  11. Mobile computing
  12. Computer science
Are you a student or a working professional who’s looking to impact the world of healthcare? Do you want to know more on how the human body functions, how it reacts to disease and pharmacological treatment for disease, with the skills needed to enter a range of clinical and academic health professions? If you are one of the above, choose the best courses in the medical science stream to make your dreams come true.

List of best courses after +2/ junior college in medical sciences stream.
  1. MBBS
  2. BDS
  3. Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (BUMS)
  4. B.Sc. Clinical research
  5. B.Sc. Optometry
  6. B.Sc. (Hons.) Medical Technology
  7. B.Sc. (Hons.) Ophthalmic Techniques
  8. Bachelor of Science (Nursing)
  9. B pharmacy
  10. B.Sc. Cardiac Perfusion Technology
  11. B.Sc. Health Information Administration
  12. B.Sc. Medical Imaging Technology
  13. B.Sc. Nuclear Medicine Technology (Integrated B.Sc. NMT)
List of best courses after Under-Graduation in medical sciences stream
  1. Nuclear Physics
  2. Medicinal Physics
  3. Medicinal Chemistry
  4. Hospital Administration
  5. Health Sciences
  6. Computational Mathematics
  7. Applied mathematics
  8. Planned Bio Technology
  9. Industrial Chemistry
  10. Atmospheric Sciences
  11. E-learning and Publications
  12. Sound Engineering
Are you someone who wants to be a powerful influence in making business managers more accountable to the society they shape or frame economic policies, by having a business education?Are you someone who's intrigued by the disciplines of ancient and modern languages, literature, philosophy, visual and performing arts? These disciplines explore, share, and recreate expressions of the human experience.If you want to shape the society, then choose the best courses in the arts and humanities stream.
List of best courses after 12th/ junior college in arts stream.
  1. B.B.A
  2. B. Com
  3. B.A. Economics
  4. B.Sc. Visual Communication
  5. B.A. Fine Arts
  6. B.A. Journalism
  7. B.A Politics
  8. B.A. Apparel Design & Merchandising
  9. B.A. English
  10. B.A. (Honours) Humanities and Social Sciences
  11. B.Com. (Corporate Secretaryship)
  12. B.Sc. Physics
List of best courses after Under-Graduation in arts stream.
  1. MBA
  2. Mass communication and journalism
  3. Economics
  4. Investment Banking
  5. Capital Markets
  6. Electronic Media
  7. Master of design
  8. Logistic and Supply Chain
  9. Digital Marketing
  10. Corporate Governance
  11. Travel and tourism
  12. Fashion Management
Design is slowly changing the evolution of businesses. It’s a medium by which brands can express themselves across an increasingly complex ecosystem of spaces. It’s a mind-set to solve complex business challenges. Additionally, it is the means by which companies build emotional connections and stay on the leading edge of change.

List of best courses after +2/ junior college in design stream.
  1. B.Sc Degree in Fashion, Interior and Textile Design
  2. Bachelor of Design in IIT (need to appear for CEED-UG exam)
  3. B.Arch. and B.Arch. Interior Design
  4. B.Des. Accessory Design
  5. B.Des. Textile Designing
  6. Diploma in Fashion and Apparel Design (DFAD)
  7. B.Des in Fashion Design
  8. B.Des Product Design
  9. Diploma In Gems & Jewellery
  10. Bachelor in Interior Design
  11. Bachelor in Animation Film Design
  12. Bachelor in Graphic design

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